All It Takes Is Love - 6 Years

So would you believe me if I told that BOTH John and I completely forgot today was our anniverary? Okay, I may be a tad bit embarrassed to admit that but I guess it's something we'll laugh about in the future... we sure laughed about it today. So this morning after skyping with my dad, he sent an email apologizing because he forgot to say happy anniversary. I actually stopped and checked the calender.... "Could today really be our anniversary already?" Why yes it was! It has just been an incredibly busy month between ministry, preparing for the adoption homestudy, caring for three little ones... It didn't even occur to me as we were nearing the end of November that our anniversary was right around the corner! Well, needless to say thanks to some sweet friends, we made a quick recovery and got a babysitter for the evening. ha! ha!


I will simply say that I am thankful to be married to my best friend and thankful he is the one that I am crazy busy with! Here's a short little video I made of just a few (because there really are too many to put in just ONE video) sweet moments we've shared together over the past 6 years. Listen to the words of the song... they resonate with every aspect of our marriage (except the buying a dog part)...( and if you haven't heard this song on the radio yet, it's written by my brother's sweet friend Javier Colon! You MUST check out his new CD... it's awesome!) 


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    Tricia (Sunday, 04 December 2011 09:12)

    Beautiful lil video highlighting you and your man. Love it! Made me smile. Happy, happy six years to you both. I pray this year is one of the best ones yet! Can't wait to see you SOON and celebrate my big day in April. Love you, girl. :)

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    Marly (Thursday, 08 December 2011 18:01)

    Happy Anniversary, you two! And never forget to celebrate . . . even late is OK!

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