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So I have been thinking about adding a 'mommy blog' to our website. I have so many thoughts or perhaps things I just want to share and/or process through. Therefore, since this is technically our 'ministry' blog, although I feel I can share a bit here and there about life as a wife and mom, I felt maybe I should start a seperate blog that is specifically for my mommy friends. 


So if you look to the left, you'll see a page titled Missionary Mommy. Check it out... it's a work in progress and I'm still adding stuff to it... but it's something. You can read why I really started this page on the Missionary Mommy page. Under it you'll see specific pages including crafts, homeschooling, discipline ideas, websites I LOVE, and more. If you have ideas or suggestions, I'm totally open to hearing so please share! Also, if you would like to be notified when I add something new to those particular pages, please send me an email letting me know. It will be a seperate mail out list... (or you can just check it sporadically for what new things I've added.)


So for all those really not that interested in what I do as a mom (I'm not offended, I promise!), thanks for hanging in there with me over the past year(s) as I've shared my crazy life as a mom! 



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