Prayer For Susie in Surgery Right Now

Dear Lord, we come humbly before you on behalf our Susie. Right now she is in the middle a major surgery. God we know You are sovereign and we know You are good. We are trusting you today with mighty things because we know You are able. Lord, we pray that for the next 6-8 hours as Susie lies on the surgery table that you would wrap your warm loving arms around her and Baby Thomas. I pray that You would give the surgeon and his team divine wisdom, direction and skills as they attempt to remove ALL of the tumor from her brain. We pray Lord that they would be able to remove every single cell that does not belong there. Lord we pray that you would give divine wisdom and skills to those who are in the surgery room watching and caring for Baby Thomas. We pray that he/she would whether the storm of this surgery untouched as you hold him/her in the palm of Your hand. Lord, we pray that this tumor would be benign. We pray that Susie would awake from the surgery unaffected physically and mentally... that she would awake with a smile on her face and a joke on the tip of her tongue...Lord, we pray for Ben as he waits for word as to how Susie is doing... Lord give him peace. Let Your presence be felt powerfully today. Lord, may Your grace and mercy and Your endless love abound today... and may You be glorified in whatever happens. We know You are a good God. We know You love Susie more than any of us could. Amen

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    Ryan and Angie (Tuesday, 07 February 2012 08:41)


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