Eat By Numbers

So I'm not exactly sure where I found this idea... I actually think I saw something on pinterest that made me think of it... Anyway, the boys really enjoyed this little activity. I'll call it 'Eating by numbers'. I made these placemats with construction paper... then I laminated them.


Next, I picked out foods I could count... or cut into pieces (you could cut a PB & J sandwich into pieces). I had a small bowl of cut up watermelon, cut up melon, pretzels, peanut butter crackers, marshmellows, and chocolate mini-kisses. 


I had the boys count each of their food pieces...(i.e. "Take 3 crackers, take 6 pieces of watermelon, one chocolate 4 marshmellows, etc") and put them on the appropriate circle. It was good practice for them and they counted joyfully knowing they got to eat whatever they counted. 

Pretty simple... just another creative 'tool' to stick in your pocket to spice up learning to count! I actually made a couple different placemats with different colors and different numbers. I made a 'higher number' placemat for JT too since he knows his number up to 20. I'm sure he's looking forward to using them... I guess he'll be excited he gets to count 17 pieces of marshemllows to eat! ha! ha!

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