Our Dossier

So about 6 months ago we began the adoption process. We not only took the step of faith to walk this road, but we took a huge jump of faith to begin this process in Mexico fully aware that attempting to adopt a child while living overseas from a third country was not going to come without set backs. We set a goal date to have the dossier completed and out of our hands by the end of April, early May. There have been nerves, confusion, tears, and frustration.... BUT I am excited to share we have met our goal and today I turned over our entire packet of information to our program director! 


It's still a long road ahead with the ever dreaded waiting... but we have done our part and it is ALL in God's hands now (as if it wasn't before, right?). Anyway, just wanted to share our joy in beginning a new phase of the adoption! After the Dossier is sent to Nicaragua (probably by the end of June after being sent to the Nicaragua consulate and translated), the clock starts ticking... an average wait time of 18-24 months. Please continue to pray with us... that we would wait patiently and joyfully in God's perfect timing, for a continued smooth and efficient process as the adoption agency completes the final three documents and has all the paperwork translated, and for the health, safety and care of the sweet baby girl God has for our family. 

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