So one of my many heart's desires is that our children will develop a heart for the nations. That they would be fully aware that their 'little world' is just that- little, in comparison to ALL the beauty that God created beyond their walls of familiarity and beyond the borders of the place they call home (whether that be a town, a state, or a country). I want them to be able to see the beauty even in the 'roughest' of places and in return see hope, see love, see Jesus. 


Especially now that we are adopting, I've been reading ALOT of stuff on interracial families, on other countries such as Nicaragua and Africa and China, on racism and other issues that can arise when a family adopts internationally. It has been nothing short of eye-opening and thought-provoking in so many ways. 


On a related subject, today on JT's school schedule was a book called People, by Peter Spier. It's one of the many books part of the Sonlight Curriculum P4/P5 packages for the subject of social studies. I loved reading through this book with JT (and Hudson, who wanted to sit in on JT's school today... at least for a little while) that I felt I should highly recommend this book to all those mommies out there who really want, at an early age, to begin teaching their chilren about the uniqueness of people not just in regards to physical characteristics, but in foods, in cloths, in culture, etc. The pictures are beautiful and gave us so much to talk about other than 'the story' (not too mention I love how the first two pages depict two naked individuals standing amidst a beautiful layout of greenary obviously referring to Adam & Eve, the first to people God ever created). If you would like to take a sneak peak at a few pages, you can check it out here: People


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