Four Down, One To GO

Just a really quick update as it's 11:00 and I'm finally about to crawl into bed... Four of us are officially on US soil! Yaaa! The trip was actually great considering I was traveling with three kids alone all under the age of 5! There were moments in which I had to stop, breath, say a quick prayer and then move on. And yet there were also moments when I was actually surprised at how quite my kids were or how patient they had been over a period of time (I mean, who likes to stand for 10 minutes waiting for the stinkin' stroller to be brought through the checked-baggage door because now it's not safe to open the door until EVERY SINGLE PASSENGER is off the plane)... Thank you, yet again, airline companies for making the mom traveling alone with three kids the LAST person in line at immigration because I had to wait 3 days for my stroller....


Okay... moving on...


Anyway, I did look like a freak show going through customs... At least enough for one guy to say to me after offering to push one of my two carts stacked with now 5 suitcases, three car seats, and 4 carry-ons (thank you JT for being a big boy and pushing Lucia for mommy!), "I just felt bad for you." Yup. That's me. 


So after a swim in my in-laws pool, some yummy good ol' Texas bbq and the battle to get the kids away from the toys at 10:00PM to go to bed (I can still hear JT playing with the cars in his bed, actually), this exhausted mom is hitting the bed. 


Thank you guys for your faithful prayers.They were felt every step of the way. 


Now to just get my other half home! Got to briefly skype with him tonight and they are actually going to get up at 3:00AM and get on the road as soon as possible in hopes of hitting the border a little sooner. Please pray for safety! After hooking the trailer up to the car this morning, my stress level shot up a notch or three... The hitch was literally inches off the ground and the tires we're screaming, "There's ALOT of weight in this thing!" Anyway, I'll try and keep you posted as the guys start the journey back North! 

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    Shirley Zona (Wednesday, 11 July 2012 04:54)

    God is good and sounds like He sent His angels to guard over all of you. Happy to hear you are safe and I will continue to pray for John and Julio to arrive safely with no vehicle problems.

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