December Already?

Is it really December? Alot has happened since my last post... Halloween, Thanksgiving, snow storms, shopping, family events, school stuff, friends having babies, and now, here it is, the last month of the year. This is by far my favorite month of the year. Not only do I celebrate our Savior's birth but I get to celebrate another special gift - marriage to one pretty snazzy fella (for those that remember my post last year about this time... we didn't forget this year! ha! ha!). 


John and I had the opportunity to celebrate and reminince about our special day last night because, unfortunately, I will be spending our actual wedding anniversary traveling to a different country. I leave bright and early tomorrow morning (or if you are a late nighter with insomnia, 4 AM might be considered 'night' to you) for Puebla, Mexico. I'm thinking it will be a little strange being back in a place I called home just 6 months ago at first, but I'm excited to walk along side our interns and encourage them as they continue to fight the battle for lost souls in a country that holds a special place in my heart. Please be praying for my travels and for my time there with our former AIA team. I will be returning on Saturday night. (You can pray for John too... he's tackling all three little munchkins for me)


With that being said, I thought I'd share a few snapshots of the last few weeks in the McLaughlin household.



Halloween was short and sweet with a trip to my aunt's neighborhood... the kids had a blast and I'd say that Lucia stole the night's attention with her little homemade fairy costume. 



This year we spent Thanksgiving with just my immediate family and then gathered with the rest of the family for dessert at my cousin's house. It was the first time in a LOOOOOng time that we have all be together like that for Thanksgiving. 




Enjoying the fall before the snow arrives!




The first big snow storm hit and the kids had a blast!





Decorating for Christmas... The kids (and us) seems to always get giddy when all the green, red and shine start coming out! 



ANd of course, after Thanksgiving and a good snow fall, it is time to pick out a Christmas tree! 



Just some randsom sweet moments over the last few weeks!




Last but not least, celebrating seven wonderful years to the man of my dreams! 

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