Happy Fourth Birthday

Happy Birthday to our littest man, Hudson. I can't believe he's already four. Today we celebrated Hudson's birthday Avenger's style. This is one energetic adventurous child that just loves to run, jump, and laugh. He is the silly one of the family (although Lucia is following very closely in his footsteps). Hudson is also the kind of kid who loves pretending I (or Lucia) am the princess and he's saving me (us) from the 'bad guy'. He's a child with a vivid imagination and one who tells amazing stories with hysterical seriousness that brings you to your knees laughing. He's cuddly and tender... most of the time. And although he is completely unable to multitask (i.e. talk to anyone while the TV is on or his ears seem to completely shut down if he is intently playing with a toy), he has such a sweet spirit about him. He is the first to share a toy and he's not concerned at all with material possessions. My hope and prayer is that that his sweet giving spirit, his desire to protect the women in his life from the bad guys and his fun loving, energetic personality, cute smile and contagious giggle will be used one day to bring glory to God's holy name.  


Lord, we are thankful that you have blessed us with four wonderful years with Hudson. His life is a gift to us all. As he continues to grow in his character, may he learn to use his gifts, talents, passions, and joys to bring honor to You and may people be drawn to You as they see Your light in his heart. Amen! 


Here are a few pictures of our little family birthday party with his 'cousins': 

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