Heavy Hearts

Beto thinking deeply during Julio's baptism prior to our move back the U.S.
Beto thinking deeply during Julio's baptism prior to our move back the U.S.

Friends and Family,


It is with a heavy heart I write you this Saturday morning.  Julio, whom we all have been praying for ever since we introduced you to him from our time in Mexico, called this morning to share with us that his best friend, Beto,  in Mexico died last night in a motorcycle accident.  Apparently Julio was going to go with him but decided to stay home and about 15 minutes later he was killed.  This is a very crucial time for Julio's spirit and for the family and friends of those connected to Beto.  I recently spoke with Beto when Julio was here visiting and we have the blessing of getting to know him during our time in Mexico.  Such a hard reminder of the brevity of life.  To my knowledge Beto was not a believer, but a loyal and good friend to Julio.  This will be a very difficult time for him.  He has been through so much the past 3 years.  Pray that his heart clings to God rather than turn away.  Pray that he can be a voice for God in this situation.  I will try and keep you posted as much as possible.  

I have not really thought through the dynamics of this but I do believe it might be worth while to be there.  If that is the case please pray for God's provision of tickets and such on so short a notice.  Also, Natalie and the kids have been sick so if this happens it would be hard on her also.  Thank you for your prayers!

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    Luis Pomares (Saturday, 27 April 2013 12:20)

    Oramos por Julio y por ustedes amigo, un abrazo.

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    Steve Morgan (Sunday, 28 April 2013 03:41)

    Bro, so sorry to hear this. Prayed for Julio this morning.

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