Ben and Susie Update

So a few days ago Ben threw Susie a surprise 'Celebrate Susie' party marking the end of a year and a half fight with a pretty nasty beast. Although the war isn't completely over, this battle round is and it was a blessing to be a part of celebrating Susie that night. We just love them to pieces. 


If you have not been following on their website, they recently announced they are pretty sure they will be committing the next two years of their lives serving the Lord in Brazil! Now before you start freaking out and saying, "REALLY? In her condition?" which is what I have heard from a few people who have been praying for them and asked what the update was, you really should let them explain in their own words. I sure do love their faithfulness to use the time they have been given by God to serve Him with all that they have emotionally and physcially. It's pretty inspiring if you ask me. And the coolest thing- this is just Ben and Susie. They aren't any different than they have ever been. They simply love Jesus. 


So now that you have been updated there... what I really wanted to share was her mom's response to the idea of them moving to a foreign country. Her mom is pretty eloquent with her words. I have often thought, "I wonder if that is where Susie gets it from?" Anyway, I had to share. Being a mom myself of itty bitty ones, I don't know what the future holds for me or my kids... I don't know what rollercoaster or gravel road the Lord will call my children to journey and experience, but I hope I can fight to surrender all that I have... including my children... to God the way Susie's mom is doing. Susie's mom is pretty inspiring. Again, I have often thought as I have read her other letters, 'I wonder if this is where Susie gets it from?" 


Thanks for praying for our friends.  


Dear Ministry Partners of Ben and Susie,
God has had us on quite the journey this past year and a half!  Even though Susie’s tumor was not discovered until January, she had begun mentioning some of the symptoms a few months earlier, so of course that is when the seeds of worry began!  In the fall of 2011 even as Susie was experiencing her symptoms, my husband and I were taking a course at our church called, “Living for the King.”  In this course God was preparing me for what would be ahead.  During this course I came to understand so much more fully the depth of God’s love for me.  I began to live my life believing whatever He brings into my life is out of His love for me.  God can be nothing but love and He can be nothing but good, because that is who He is!  I don’t need to be on the “look out” waiting for the bad to happen, because God can’t give me bad, only good.  Of course that good can come with a lot of tears and sorrow and questions, but not the question of “is this good?”  I sure needed this before January 25, 2012!  God in His graciousness has brought me through this past year or so with seeing His love and care for Susie every day.  I have been overwhelmed with His love for Susie!  Of course there have been hard days and a lot of tears, but God has kept me so focused on today’s care and has kept my mind from wandering to the future.  Denial, no.  I am fully aware of what the future might hold for Susie, but God is not only asking me to trust Him for the future but for today and each day.
When Susie first mentioned Brazil, of course I thought it was a crazy idea!  My sinful heart was saying, “are you kidding me, I am helping you out so you get better, so I can enjoy you for whatever more years God gives you! I can’t even think of not having you for the rest of my life and now what years I can have with you, you want to spend some of them in Brazil!”  But of course I want to be a good mom and I wouldn’t want it to be about me, so I tried to shift the focus of my questions to Susie’s medical issues and what needs that might involve.  

As the medical people continue to give their ok and Ben and Susie continue to do their homework (which, by the way, doing their homework is one of the things I love about them!) I realize I am going to be where I have been before in Susie’s life.  I need to release her to God’s will once again. I confess my sin to God of wanting Susie for my enjoyment and not for His enjoyment and glory.  I love my daughter so much and I love being with her, talking with her, helping her when I can, and now God is asking me to trust Him as He is leading their hearts to serve Him in Brazil.  Once again God is teaching me to trust Him as He uses Susie to bless others, a prayer I started praying so fervently over 34 years ago!  God has been so faithful and so loving this past year.  I have a daughter who is doing so well and is able to go to Brazil!  

The picture medically speaking could be so different today if it weren’t for God’s loving hand on her through surgery, radiation, and chemo.  I am so thankful for how God has protected her and taken care of her and He is not done using her!  I am so proud of Susie for how she has handled this whole past year and half.  She has faced each day with trust and joy in her Savior and she wants to continue to serve Him!  Really, what more could a mom ask for?  I ask you to join me in this journey (because there will be tears!) of trusting in our loving and good God for what might be the next chapter for the Thomas Family.  

Trusting in His Faithfulness,
Susie’s mom – Kathy Beebe

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    Kathy Beebe (Monday, 29 April 2013 18:34)

    Natalie, you are so sweet! Your words are such an encouragement to me. Thank you! Everyday I need to ask God to help me to trust Him for today and the future. I love them all so much and want to keep them close by, but I believe God has bigger plans for them. Oh for grace to trust Him more!

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