Wilson Kipsang of Kenya


Just before the sun rises on the Kenyan hills, marathon runner Wilson Kipsang crawls out of bed, dons his warmups, laces up his Adidas Boost 2s and hits the dirt road for his morning training routine, putting one foot in front of the other, for at least an hour or more.

Every runner trains with a goal in mind, carefully planning and preparing to give the best possible performance on race day. No exception to that rule, Wilson uses his morning and afternoon workouts to bring him one step closer to reaching his goal.

For much of his life, Wilson diligently trained – days, weeks and months morphing into years. He ran marathons in Frankfurt, Berlin, New York and other cities, racking up victories, world records and major prize money. One foot in front of the other, one workout at a time, taking his next step. If there is one thing running marathons has taught Wilson, it’s patience. He even ran when he chased the cows from one pasture to the next...to continue the story click here

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