Missionary Mommy

So I have been thinking a while about doing this - adding a specific page on our ministry sight for moms. To be honest, I know there are ALOT of mom's that have amazing websites about being a mom, encouragment for moms, ideas for homeschooling or even just playing at home with the kids, about fun recipes to make for our families and so on.... so why add to that? And I have to be honest, I'm actually a thief... Most of my ideas are not my own. I steal them from all those other fun websites. 


But here is my thought process. Being a mom was a hard adjustment for me. I dreamed of it. I was excited about it. But when it hit, I guess you could say dieing to myself and the willingness to sacrifice all that parenting requires us to sacrifice was a bit more of a uphill climb for me (I know, I'm a stubborn and selfish person). When we moved to Mexico in September 2010, the reality was that I was still battling to hold on to what I thought was 'mine'... and lets face it, kids can take everything that was yours away including sleep, alone time, quiet time, phone calls, spending time with God... the list goes on. Being in Mexico, since I don't speak the language all that well there aren't a great deal of things for me to get involved in. You could say there are less 'distractions' for me in my role as a wife and mom. Although I'm a HUGE advocate of get-a-way from your job and refresh yourself time, I have found that I not only love being a stay-at-home mom but I am passionate about it. It has been a process for me... and this is sort of a reflection of God's grace and mercy as He's molded me into the woman He desires me to be. It's a journal of the things I now love doing... with my family. 


I read an article a while back called Motherhood as a Mission Field. That's primarily why I labeled this particular page as 'Missionary Mommy' because the reality is that if you are a mom, you ARE a missionary. You are seeking to train, encouraged, disciple, love, build-up, and so on your little ones in hopes that as they get older, they will do the same for the glory of God. If you have not read the article already, please do. It is a huge encouragement for moms in the 'perspective' area. 


I had a couple of friends the other day ask me about some activities to do with the kids and where I get my ideas from, so I went through my computer folder of 'resource websites' and shared the blogs and websites of some really pretty amazing moms. So, my thought was I could create a section of our mnistry website that could not only keep a record of the fun things the kids and I have done together (for those who know me well, I'm sentimental about EVERYTHING and my husband calls me Papi - short for papparazzi - because I am midly obsessed with taking pictures), but perhaps those friends out there who don't have the time (or the desire) to surf the internet for ideas, I could be of assistance. So, I'll do the surfing for you! We'll see how this goes...  


If you would like to be notified when something new is added to the Missionary Mommy pages, please see the Contact Page and let me know your email so I can add you to the mail out list! 

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