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Distress Call

Thoughts From Michelle's Kitchen

This is the flip side of the story to the right, The Lie We love. Michelle has some great perspectice on what we are hearing in the media and reading in books in regards to the international adoption corruption. I would encourage you to read not only Michelle's blog but I would encourage you to read the article to the right... to at the very least help you formulate your own educated opinion in regards to this controversary. 

This is an article that was written in 2008 about corruption that is prevelant and common with international adoption. Although it's a few years old, I feel like it's worth a read since much of this type of corruption still exists today despite stricter laws being put into place on both countries involved in the process. It is thought-provoking, disheartening and very much worth the read if adoption is something on your heart.


After The Airport

After the Airport is a candid look at what adoption really looks like. When we started this process, we had a vision of what we thought adoption looks liked. As we began to read more, talk with more parents who have adopted, stepped into the world of orphans, we realized our view of adoption was developed from the expectation of a hopeful parents instead of a scared child who has lost their parents. This is wonderful perspective. It was sent to me from a friend... and as your friend, consider this me sending it to you! 

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry Up and Wait

This article is short and brief but really expresses probably the most stressful part of the adoption process- waiting. And waiting and waiting. I would encourage anyone to take a minute to read it. 

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