Encouraging Reads

Mom Enough This is an amazing read to encourage moms in having the Godly perspective when it comes to the heavy weight, burden and challenge of parenting. A compilation of writings from a variety of bloggers and writers from John Piper's Desiring God website, I promise this book will not only encourage you but will challenge you to go deeper with the Lord as you embrace the hardship of mothering and face the daily internal and external struggles that come with that career. (You can also get this free on the Desiring God website). 

Don't Carpe Diem This article is about the hardship (with humor) of parenting wee little ones. An encouragement to me as I raise three little munchkins all under the age of 5. I'm glad I'm not the only mommy that looks forward to the end of the day, but oddly enough loves my job as a mom. 

Mothehoood As A Mission Field This article is a sweet article/blog on our perspective as Christian mothers. For those who have struggled to see the MAJOR value in investing in our children for the kingdom of God or who have asked yourselves, "What do I really do all day?" as a mom, this article will hit the spot. 

Like Mother, Like Daughter: God Focused or Body- Obsessed This is a fabulous article that hits a sensitive spot in those mommies who struggle to regain the body they had before they had children. It is a sweet article that puts into perspective the impact our body image has on our own little girls. 

It's A Process This is a very short blog post by a mother who raised four children (in Mexico, mind you). Another reminder that we are doing more than we think we are as mothers. 

Your Children Want YOU This sweet article addresses the new craze of facebook and pinterest... and how many moms see ALL these other things moms are doing and begin to feel inadequate. This is a reminder to YOU, the mother that God designed you to be with YOUR special gifts and YOUR special talents instead of comparing yourself to what all the other moms are doing. 

To Parents Of Small Children... This is an incredible article by a daddy. If you are in the dead.tired.all.the.time stage of parenting, this is a MUST read. If you are feeling like a horrible parent because you really just want to put your kids in bed at 5:30PM because you have just had enough or because you just screamed at your three year old at the top of your lungs, you should take the time to read through this daddy's thoughts on parenting little kids. 

VISION STATEMENT: A Christ follower on every team, in every sport and in every nation


MISSION STATEMENT: Building spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sport so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus


MINISTRY: AIA is a global pioneer, innovator, and servant leader in sport ministry.


MOTIVATION: Changed Lives


MAIN VALUES: Faith, growth, fruitfulness


MEASURES: Giving 100 million people annually the opportunity to hear the gospel by Building a global movement of 15,000 spiritually mature athletic influencers