Favorite Websites


Confessions Of A Homeschooler

This is probably one of my favorite sites for homeschooling. Not only does Erica have a really fun curriculum, but her website is full of encouragement of homeschooling, ideas for crafts, ideas for organzing and teaching, great recipes and sweet free printables! 

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I like the website because it's a modge podge of tons of great stuff. This is just a very supportive website for moms from homeschooling to weight loss to photography. This website is well worth a browse at the very least. 


They offer a potpourri of the practical. Helpful habits for balancing the needs of the age range. Adding in the joy of art. Saving bucks and your sanity with frugal family recipes and allergy-friendly strategies. Being purposeful in parenting. Learning about grace and finding freedom along the way. They share the how-tos of leaving the drive thru lane for the road home.


Five J's

This website is pretty sweet with a lot of wonderful articles ranging from individual school subjects to homeschooling in general. Not only that but this website is a MightyBookJr.com reading station. If you are not familiar with MightBookJr, Check it out here or just visit the Reading Station on the FiveJ's website.


The Marathon Mom

This website is just plain awesome. So much encouragement and so many ideas. Motherhood IS a marathon... and she has some great things to say about enjoying the run!

Time Warp Wife

Sweet website with encouragement and ideas about EVERYTHING including marriage, housekeeping, mothering, organizing and more! Darlene is a strong believer who has written a book and has some really great posts on her site! I can't soak up what she has to share fast enough!

Mama Jenn

A really really great blog with lots of resources. She's a Christian mama of 5 and has A-Z activities, games, crafts, printables, mom stuff and more!

Pocketful of Posies

This is a great site that walks you through crafts according to the ABCs. This helped me start homeschooling and bring some structure to what I wanted to teach my little ones in preschool. 



Love this website... full of ideas, full of encouragement, full of printables and more. 

totally tots

Totally Tots

This website has GREAT printables and lapbooks to do with the kids. Such fun ideas and unit studies for preschoolers/kindergarten age children. 

Homeschool Creations

Another site with great ideas and it's easy to manuever around to find ideas for what you are looking for!

Preschoolers and Peace

This is a great website of a Christian woman who homeschools all EIGHT of her kids. She has some great books, great organizational ideas, great encouragment for homeschooling moms. Just love her sight!


Delightful Learning

Delightful Learning

Great website that provides lesson plans and ideas for books. She uses 5 in a Row if you are familiar with that as well as some really great books that we have from Sonlight. 


What the Teacher Wants

This is a great website with some fun ideas as well as a list of educational websites for online educational games. 


This is a super website with a zillion activity and craft ideas organized by grade level. 

MOB Society is a fairly new website created by two woman whose heart is to encourage other moms who are raising boys. They offer a book club, a prayer room, articles from other mom's of boys, and alot of encouragement for other moms who face the unique battles of raising boys into men! 

Might Book Jr.

MightyBookJr is an online publisher of award-winning children's animated read-aloud books, story songs, lesson plans, games and puzzles that promote early childhood literacy. For the past 12 years they have been providing educators and parents with a safe and nurturing environment where young children learn to read. Over 8,000 schools in the U.S. and 11 foreign countries subscribe to their interactive books. 

VISION STATEMENT: A Christ follower on every team, in every sport and in every nation


MISSION STATEMENT: Building spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sport so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus


MINISTRY: AIA is a global pioneer, innovator, and servant leader in sport ministry.


MOTIVATION: Changed Lives


MAIN VALUES: Faith, growth, fruitfulness


MEASURES: Giving 100 million people annually the opportunity to hear the gospel by Building a global movement of 15,000 spiritually mature athletic influencers